synOCR ist eine einfache GUI für den Dockercontainer OCRmyPDF auf Synology Diskstation.

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".url": {
"SYNO.SDS.ThirdParty.App.synOCR": {
"type": "legacy",
"title": "synOCR",
"desc": "synOCR",
"allUsers": false,
"allowMultiInstance": false,
"grantPrivilege": "all",
"advanceGrantPrivilege": true,
"configablePrivilege": true,
"icon": "images/synOCR_{0}.png",
"appWindow": "SYNO.SDS.ThirdParty.App.synOCR",
"texts": "texts",
"width": 992,
"height": 560,
"url": "/webman/3rdparty/synOCR/index.cgi"