• v1.2.0 1d91eb7622

    synOCR_v1.2.0 Stable

    geimist released this 2022-01-11 13:05:59 +00:00 | 550 commits to master since this release

    known issues / limitations at DSM7:

    • The check whether a selected folder (INPUT, OUTPUT, BACKUP) is encrypted
      and possibly not mounted does not work when running the program via the GUI
      (due to the known rights restrictions)

    1.2.0 [2022-01-11]



    • (DSM7) Creating the required user group docker was not possible if a similarly named group already existed.
    • RegEx with lookahead / lookbehind for tag names were not possible
    • minor bugfixes (thx to tommes)


    • DSM 7 compatibility (many thanks to tommes from german synology forum)
    • handling of special characters improved
    • cleanup of unused docker images
    • delete cron job who was generated with synOCR at DSM6
    • (DSM7) DSM notifications work again
    • DSM notifications: list all possible users
    • indicator about valid directorys in GUI
    • the order of the tags can now be defined
      criterion is the alphabetical sorting of the rule names in the YAML file
    • rewrite GUI (thx to tommes)
    • (DSM7) DSM 7 icons (many thanks to TJ. from german synology forum)


    • renaming parameter for the year can now be 2 or 4 digits
      (§yocr2 §yocr4 §ynow2 §ynow4 §ysource2 §ysource4)
    • added renaming parameter §pagecount (pages of current document)
    • all renaming parameter can be used as path components in YAML-rules (except document title §tit)
    • target files can moved to folders named by year
    • target files can moved to folders named by year/month
    • number of backup files can now be limited (days or number)