• Stable v1.1.0 761ba18306


    geimist released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release


    • added the option to define the tag name via RegEx (Parameter tagname_RegEx in YAML file)
    • added a counter for processed pages and files per profile (x86_64 only)
    • added additional renaming parameters:
      §hhsource §mmsource §sssource §hhnow §mmnow §ssnow §pagecounttotal §filecounttotal §pagecountprofile §filecountprofile
    • support for CPU aarch64 (statistics work only limited, because pdfinfo is missing)
    • improved date search / data to be ignored can be specified in the GUI (thanks to DeeKay1)


    • tagsymbol with spaces don't work
    • copy file, if hard links are not createable
    • it is no longer calculated with expr
    • 'force quiet' (GUI) now also terminates the Docker container synOCR
    • minor bugfixes