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@ -1,8 +1,48 @@ [2022-08-26] synOCR 1.3.0 is released!
1.3.0 [2022-11-01]
- update find_dates.py to v0.94 (thx to gthorsten) - counting of log and backup files to be deleted was not correct under certain situations
➜ Bugfix for alphanumeric dates. - catching an error message if there are no docker images to be cleaned up
- Input folder monitoring starts / stops with package status - YAML rules: if the value for condition not set - fallback to any
In combination with the Inotify-tools, configuration in the task scheduler is no longer necessary as of this version - Notification in the log when rule-based destination folders are found, but a conflicting setting is set in the GUI
IMPLEMENTATIONS: - Profiles are now processed in alphabetical order (by profile name)
- 🔥 Input folder monitoring included (need installed inotify-tools from here: https://synocommunity.com/package/inotify-tools)
- a pulsing status icon in the gui indicates an active monitoring
- in combination with the Inotify-tools, configuration in the task scheduler is no longer necessary as of this version
- 🔥 new Python based date search implemented, which also finds written out months (gthorsten)
- a start year for date search can defined in GUI
- a year in future can be defined in GUI as latest year for search
- 🔥 support separator sheet - dokument split pattern can be configured in GUI (Python3 must be installed)
- in GUI user can define: splitpage is first page, is last page or discard
- 🔥 Pictures in the source folder can be converted automatically (Python3 must be installed)
- option to reduce multiple spaces to one (helpful with RegEx)
- the number of pages is now determined with Python - Exiftool and pdfinfo become obsolete (Python3 must be installed)
- [YAML] all renaming parameter can be used as tagname components in YAML-rules (experimental)
- [YAML] tagname & tagname_RegEx can be combined:
- use §tagname_RegEx in tagname and it will be replaced by tagname_RegEx
- Metadata will be add with Python - Exiftool become obsolete (Python3 must be installed)
- set author (get author information from ocr options if set [--author john doe])
- set creation date (depending on which one was defined: OCR, file date, now)
- set keywords
- the conversion from YAML to JSON is no longer done with the binary yq but by Python (Python3 must be installed)
- logging deleted backup files in loglevel 2
- [GUI] notify about updates in main page (because cphub.net is not working)
- [GUI] support for follow machine translated languages (by DeepL)
- Chinese simplified
- Czech
- Japanese
- Danish
- French
- Italian
- Dutch
- Polish
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Hungarian
- Turkish
- Portuguese European
- Portuguese Brazilian