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synOCR 1.3.0 is released!
known issues / limitations:
- The check whether a selected folder (INPUT, OUTPUT, BACKUP) is encrypted
and possibly not mounted does not work when running the program via the GUI
(due to the known rights restrictions)
1.3.0 [2022-11-01]
- update find_dates.py to v1.03 (thx to gthorsten)
1.03, 16.09.2002
add unit test
bugfix numeric date search
bugfix blacklist dates
1.02, 12.09.2002
bugfix search numeric dates. Dates direct at start
1.01, 12.09.2002
bugfix unitest prparation
1.00, 12.09.2002
optimze datesearch
add unittest preparation
0.94, 25.08.2022
- Bugfix for alphanumeric dates.
- counting of log and backup files to be deleted was not correct under certain situations
- catching an error message if there are no docker images to be cleaned up
- the necessary package permissions are now already set during installation (thx to kkrell)
- Input folder monitoring starts / stops with package status
In combination with the Inotify-tools, configuration in the task scheduler is no longer necessary as of this version
- YAML rules: if the value for condition not set - fallback to any
- Notification in the log when rule-based destination folders are found, but a conflicting setting is set in the GUI
- Profiles are now processed in alphabetical order (by profile name)
- 🔥 Input folder monitoring included (need installed inotify-tools from here: https://synocommunity.com/package/inotify-tools)
- a pulsing status icon in the gui indicates an active monitoring
- 🔥 new Python based date search implemented, which also finds written out months (gthorsten)
- a start year for date search can defined in GUI
- a year in future can be defined in GUI as latest year for search
- 🔥 support separator sheet - dokument split pattern can be configured in GUI
- in GUI user can define: splitpage is first page, is last page or discard
- 🔥 Pictures in the source folder can be converted automatically
- option to reduce multiple spaces to one (helpful with RegEx)
- the number of pages is now determined with Python - Exiftool and pdfinfo become obsolete
- [YAML] all renaming parameter can be used as tagname components in YAML-rules (experimental)
- [YAML] tagname & tagname_RegEx can be combined:
- use §tagname_RegEx in tagname and it will be replaced by tagname_RegEx
- Metadata will be add with Python - Exiftool become obsolete
- set author (get author information from ocr options if set [--author john doe])
- set creation date (depending on which one was defined: OCR, file date, now)
- set keywords
- the conversion from YAML to JSON is no longer done with the binary yq but by Python
- logging deleted backup files in loglevel 2
- [GUI] notify about updates in main page (because cphub.net is not working)
- [GUI] support for follow machine translated languages (by DeepL)
- Chinese simplified
- Czech
- Japanese
- Danish
- French
- Italian
- Dutch
- Polish
- Russian
- Spanish
- Swedish
- Hungarian
- Turkish
- Portuguese European
- Portuguese Brazilian